Package pt.tumba.parser.swf

Interface Summary
Style Common interface for Fill and Line Styles
SWFActionCodes Action Codes and associated constants
SWFActions Interface for passing Action Codes Lifecycle is - 1.
SWFConstants Various SWF Constant Values
SWFHeader Interface for passing a SWF file header
SWFShape Interface for passing shape style information in addition to the basic vectors.
SWFSpriteTagTypes Interface for passing SWF tag types that can be used in a movie or a sprite
SWFTags Interface for passing SWF Header and Generic Tags.
SWFTagTypes Interface for passing SWF tag types.
SWFText Interface for passing static text
SWFVectors Interface for passing basic shape information without styles.
TimeLine A Movie or Sprite (Movie Clip) time line (collection of frames)

Class Summary
ActionParser Parse action bytes and drive a SWFActions interface
ActionParser.ActionRecord Description of the Class
Actions A set of actions
ActionTextWriter A writer that implements the SWFActions interface and writes actions to a text format
ActionWriter A writer that implements the SWFActions interface and writes action bytes to an OutStream
AlphaColor A Color with an Alpha component
AlphaTransform Description of the Class
Base64 Base64 encoding/decoding utilities
Button A Button Symbol
Button.Layer A layer of a button.
ButtonRecord Description of the Class
ButtonRecord2 Description of the Class
Byte4ByteDebugStreams Description of the Class
Color An RGB Color without alpha
ColorTransform Description of the Class
Decompiler An implementation of SWFActions that decompiles the Action Code
DummySWFWriter Implements the SWFTags interface and does nothing Use as a sink when output is not required
EditField An Edit Field Symbol.
ExportedSymbol Information about a symbol exported from the movie
FillStyle Description of the Class
Font A Font Symbol.
FontDefinition A Font Definition that can referenced by Font symbols.
FontDefinition.Glyph A Glyph within the font.
FontDefinition.KerningPair A Kerning Pair is an adjustment to the advance between two particular glyphs.
FontLoader Font loading utilities
Frame A Movie or Movie Clip frame
Hex Hex dump conversion utilities
Image Base class for Image symbols.
Image.JPEG A JPEG Image that can be used as a fill for Shapes.
Image.Lossless A lossless image (similar to PNG).
ImageUtil Utilities for dealing with images
ImportedSymbol A Symbol that is to be imported (within the Player) from another Flash movie.
Instance An instance of a Symbol that has been placed on the stage.
InStream Input Stream Wrapper
LineStyle Description of the Class
Matrix Description of the Class
MorphShape A Morph Shape Symbol
Movie A Flash Movie
MovieBuilder An implementation of the SWFTagTypes interface that builds a Movie object
MovieBuilder.ActionsBuilder A SWFActions implementation that breaks multiple action arrays into separate Actions objects
MovieClip A Movie Clip (aka Sprite) Symbol
MP3Frame An MP3 sound data frame.
MP3Helper MP3 Utilities
OutStream Output Stream Wrapper
Placement A Placement holds the transformation and other values relating to the "placement" of a Symbol Instance within a particular frame.
QTMovie A QuickTime Movie Symbol
Rect A SWF Rectangle structure
SaxHandlerBase Base class for SAX2 Content Handlers
SaxHandlerBase.ContentElementType Description of the Class
SaxHandlerBase.ElementType Description of the Class
SaxHandlerBase.GatheringElementType Description of the Class
SaxParserBase Base class for SAX2 Parsers
Shape A Shape Symbol
Shape.ColorFill Description of the Class
Shape.Curve Description of the Class
Shape.Element Description of the Class
Shape.FillStyle Description of the Class
Shape.GradientFill Description of the Class
Shape.ImageFill Description of the Class
Shape.Line Description of the Class
Shape.LineStyle Description of the Class
Shape.Move Description of the Class
Shape.SetFillStyle Description of the Class
Shape.SetLeftFillStyle Description of the Class
Shape.SetLineStyle Description of the Class
Shape.SetRightFillStyle Description of the Class
Shape.SetStyle Description of the Class
Shape.Style Description of the Class
Shape.Vector Description of the Class
SoundInfo A Sound Information structure - defines playback style and envelope
SoundInfo.EnvelopePoint A Point in a sound envelope
SWF2HTML Description of the Class
SWFActionsImpl A pass-through implementation of the SWFActions interface
SWFReader Reads a SWF input stream and drives the SWFConsumer interface.
SWFSaxParser A SAX2 parser (XMLReader) that implements the SWFTagTypes interface and produces an XML representation of the Flash movie.
SWFSaxWriter A SAX2 Handler that drives any implementation of the SWFTagTypes interface and understands the XML Vocabulary produced by SWFSaxParser.
SWFTagDumper An implementation of the SWFTagTypes interface that produces a debug dump
SWFTagTypesImpl A pass-through implementation of the SWFTagTypes interface - useful as a base class
SWFWriter Implements the SWFTags interface and writes a SWF file to the output stream
Symbol Base class for all defined symbols
TagParser Parse Tags and drive a SWFTagTypes interface.
TagWriter A writer that implements the SWFTagTypes interface and writes to a SWFTags interface
TagWriter.ButtonActionWriter Description of the Class
TagWriter.Font2ShapeImpl Description of the Class
TagWriter.MorphShapeImpl Description of the Class
TagWriter.SWFShapeImpl Implementation of the SWFShape interface
Text A Text Symbol.
Text.Row A set of contiguous characters in one font, size and color.
Transform A Transformation matrix that has translation coordinates in pixels
Unprotector Utility to unprotect a SWF.
Xerces Utilities for using the Apache Xerces XML Parser
XMLWriter Write XML text to an output stream

Exception Summary